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The Healing Power of Music!

Studies have found that therapeutic drumming can be used for both mental and physical health. It can be used to help in the treatment of trauma, anxiety, depression. Using drums for therapeutic purposes goes back thousands of years. Michael Drake, writer, rhythmist, and shamanist, shares an interesting background on therapeutic drumming and its effects in his post titled "Ancient Healing Approach: Drum Therapy".

Robert T. Mueller, Ph.D., states, " Alongside the plethora of research on the effects of music on the brain, studies have found that drumming offers numerous health benefits. For women dealing with eating disorders, children with autism, cancer patients, war veterans living with PTSD, individuals with anger management issues, people with addictions, and even Alzheimer’s patients, drumming offers physical and emotional benefits". You can read more about Robert T. Mueller's, Ph.D. clinical perspective on drumming and the studies conducted here.

I have been playing a variety of different drums for over 12 years now and have utilized drum therapy to help individuals and groups manage anxiety, ease depression, promote mindfulness, and process traumatic events. I began playing the drums as a creative outlet, and then transitioned into playing live music with a couple close friends. Over the years my relationship with drums has transformed and I now utilize the drums more to manage my own stress, anxiety, and as a tool to get into a mindful state. I am excited to see that drumming is receiving more attention in the mental health field.

-Allen Males, MA, LPC

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